Benefits of better travel information systems

Travel Information Systems Effective travel information, provided through journey planning solutions, allows the traveller to find out details of available services, timetable information and even to plan their journey. It is cost effective and easy to provide, and instantly improves the user-friendliness of the public transport system. It is one of the keys to encouraging the use of public transport by the public. With modern travel planning software in call centres, it is possible to provide information to the travelling public, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For call centres, travel planning systems enable operators to provide accurate information, and helping them to reduce average call duration and cost

Better travel information can also have a positive impact on traveller attitudes and behaviour, as shown in the results published by Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity.

Some of the benefits:

    Allow travellers to plan their journeys making for a better travel experience.
 Improves itinerary and travel planning efficiency and helps to save money.
 Helps to reduce average call duration and cost for transport and travel call centres.
 Affects user attitudes and encourages consumers to use public transport.
 Is an effective aid for promoting sustainable transport and green transport policies or movements e.g. Travel Plan.
 Adds value to a web site and helps to maintain client retention.
 Provides powerful 'sticky content', which helps to drive traffic to commercial and public sector web sites.
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